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      CDMC Group



      Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association

      Academic sponsorship

      Roche Diagnostic





      About Congress

      The world's precision medicine market has surpassed US $ 60 billion and will grow by about 15% in the next 3-5 years. With medical technology breakthrough and health insurance support, precision medical is expected to provide full-cycle health services.

      In order to better meet new era of precision medicine, Obama put forward the "Precision Medicine Initiative" , China Precision Medicine was included in one hundred major projects in the "13th Five-Year Plan" , the international medical and health industry can be described as multiple good policies simultaneously time. In addition, in the 19th CPC National Congress, once again emphasize "people health", strive to promote local precision medicine, which aims to advance China into the first tier of international precision medical services.

      In the time of states attach importance to medical iterations, Peking University School of Life Sciences and CDMC Industrial Research Institute will co-host China & America Precision Medicine Forum 2018, aiming to build a platform for intentional academic communication and industrial cooperation. The world precision medicine experts will gather in Shanghai, to discuss key areas as precision medicine policies and regulations, international cooperation, industrialization process, sequencing technology and cell therapy, etc.

      We sincerely invite your participation and support to promote the progress of medicine and contribute to the implementation of precision medicine.


      • 2+ "Precision Medicine Study" Projects Special Achievements Sharing

        Special Achievements Sharing and Application of "Precision Medicine Study" Projects in "13th Five-Year Plan"

      • 5+ China & America Precision Medicine Regulations Explaining

        PMF2018 will Attach Significance to Core Precision Medicine Technologies such as Gene Sequencing and Cell Therapy, Related Regulations of FDA, CFDA, The National Health and Family Planning Commission, China's Ministry of Science and Technology.

      • 10+ Precision Medicine Roadshow

        Precision Medicine Innovation Projects Sharing form Boston Longwood Medical Area、Silicon Valley Innovation Medicine and Famous Medical School Entrepreneurial Team.

      • 20 + Big Guns' Talk on University-Industry Collaboration

        Barriers on Research Projects to Industrial Products, Incubation Project Valuation, Policies, PMF2018 Urge the Process of Medical Industrialization.

      • 40+ International Frontier Precision Medicine Case Sharing

        Multiple Keynotes on IVD Techniques and Applications Seminar and Immunological Therapy Seminar, which will Show more Detail Precision Medicine Core Technologies, Industry Development and Clinical Practices. There is also Q&A to Communicate with Big Guns Directly.

      • 50+ Core Industry Medias Full-Circle Coverage

        50+Media Site Interviews and Real-Time Coverage, Your Company will Play an Important Role in the Forum, an Efficient One-Stop Promotion to Improve Business Performance.

      • 600+ Senior Delegates from the Whole Industry Chain

        500+ Government, Academia, Company and Investment Institution Gather Together ; 12H+ Network is Running Through the Summit, Banquet, Exhibition and Panel Discussion. PMF2018 Builds a Win-Win Platform for Academic Communication and Business Cooperation.

      • Get Close to Accurate Customer

        Site and lunch seats will be subdivided into research area, accurate customers, efficient expansion

      PMF2018 Headlines

      • ExosomeLife Presents Exsosome Bank with ExoIntel? Platform
      • Dr. Milad Riazifar, ExosomeLife Co-founder

      Speakers 2018

      Deputy Director

      National Health Commission of the PRC

      Dr. Maotang Zhou

      Quality Assessment Officer


      Dr. Dongliang Ge

      Member of the NIH Project Review Committee and Assistant Professor at Duke University

      Dr.George H.Perkins,MD

      Chief Medical Officer

      MD Anderson Cancer Center

      Dr.An Liu

      Director of Oncology

      City of Hope

      Dr.Milad Riazifar

      ExosomeLife Co-founder

      Dr.Yanyan Lou

      Professor of Oncology

      Mayo Clinic

      Jiakang Peng Wang

      Academician of Taiwan Academia Sinica & President of Taipei Cancer Center

      Dr.Lin Wu

      Vice President

      Global Head of Assay and Platform Development, Roche Sequencing Solutions

      Yunsheng Yang

      Director of Gastroenterology

      PLA General Hospital

      Jun Qin

      Director of National Protein Science Center(Beijing)

      Luonan Chen

      Executive Director,

      Professor Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

      Dr.Robert C.Henke

      Regional Director of Asia Pacific


      Jian Wang

      Vice President


      PMF2018 Agenda


      China's Precision Medicine?"Thirteen Five Year Plan" Stage of Progress and Further Arrangements
      International Hospital - The City of Hope Discussion
      International Hospital - Mayo Clinic Discussion
      "Medical Benevolence" Awards Ceremony
      List of precision medical companies in the United States and China
      Panel Discussion:
      International Cooperation under the Mutual Supplement of Science and Technology and Resources in China and U.S.
      Topic 1:Global Vision - The Latest Policy and Barriers to Precision Medicine in China and the United States
      Topic 2:International Cooperation of Precision Treatment Centers in China and the United States
      Topic 3:Clinical Diagnosis of NGS Diagnostic Data and Analysis of Clinic Clinical Susceptibility Genes
      Topic 4: Future Cancer Treatment - TMB and PD-L1 Markers Combine Detection in the Application of Tumor Immunotherapy
      Cancer Immunotherapy Sub-Forum:
      Research Progress of Heterogeneity of Tumor Microenvironment
      A New Medical Revolution in Intestinal Microecology: Precise Research and Clinical Transformation
      Concurrent activity: CEO-Talk (15 people)


      Parallel Sub-Forum of a Number of Diagnostic Techniques and Applications
      Cancer Diagnosis:
      Personalized Diagnosis and Early Diagnosis of Tumors Clinical Application of Tumor Molecular Diagnosis
      Gene Sequencing:
      Determination of ultrasensitive detection of next-generation sequencing (NGS) circulating cell-free tumor DNA
      Critical detection theory and methods for complex diseases
      Parallel Sub-forum 2: Immunotherapy Seminar
      Immune Cells:
      New target for CAR-T
      Kymriah, T-cell-based gene therapy era
      Tumor immunotherapy:
      Review and Prospect PD-1/PD-L1 Cancer Immunotherapy
      Sequential therapy for relapsed/refractory B lymphoid system tumors
      In the same period: Precise Medical Frontier Science Exhibition & One-on-One VIP Media Interview


      “PMF2018” Awards are here again to celebrate the industry’s best practices and performances. Here is a platform to celebrate your efforts and success, also for efficient branding to draw accurate customer active the door! We are preparing spotlights well,waiting for you!

        2018 Awards:
      • Quality Drug Development Company
      • Quality Sequencing Suppliers
      • Quality Healthcare Big Data Company
      • Promising Cell Therapy Enterprise in China and America
      • Promising Tumor Screening Enterprise in China and America
      • Annual Influential Industry Media
      • Annual Influential Innovation Team
      • Annual Influential Precision Medicine Incubator



      Application and Selection Process:

      1: Please download and fill in the application form;
      2: Please send the completed application form to pmf@cdmc.org.cn before 2018-5-15;
      3: Online professional groups voting activity from 2018-2-14 to 2018-5-31;
      4: The jury will evaluate application materials on the basis of the principles of independence, fairness and confidentiality from 2018-5-31 to 2018-6-10;
      5: List of Winners will be announced in conference site.

      时间段 评审流程及规则
      2017.12 主办方宣布颁奖活动正式启动
      2017.12-2018.5 依照评选活动奖项设置及参选条件提交奖项申请表
      2017.12-2018.5 主办方初审(公司资质审核)
      2018.5-2018.6.20 专业观众复审(在线投票形式)
      2018.6.20-2018.6.25 主办方内部评审团终审(大会组委会+ 专家评审团)
      2018.6.28 公布获奖名单


      海虹老人助力第四届FPSO & FLNG亚太决策者大会
      感谢Bumi Armada & 中海石油气电集团对本届大会的指导


      CDMC PMF who is a very well event, we meet at least 5 big guns what we real want.It exceeded our exception.
      The general feeling of this meeting is pretty good, teacher is high quality.


      Speakers 2017

      Dr. XU Chongren

      Executive Vice President

      East China Institution of Biotechnology, Peking University

      Ai Shenghui


      Hematology Department of 307 Hospital of Beijing

      XIA Jianchuan


      Biotherapy Center of Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

      LI Zhong


      Shanghai Cell Therapy Engineering Technology Research Center Immunization Anti - aging Center

      ZHAN Xianquan


      the State Key Laboratory of Tumor Protein

      ZHANG Qin


      Jiangsu Cancer Hospital

      BAO Yiming


      BeijingGenomics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

      LIU Lei

      PhD. Supervisor;PI of Institute of Biomedical Science of Fudan University; Deputy Director of Shanghai Center for BioinformationTechnology

      WU Jianmin


      Beijing Cancer Hospital CancerBioinformatics Center

      Luonan Chen


      Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

      KAN Xianbao


      Shanghai Changhai Hospital Oncology Department

      Leigh Verbois


      FDA Country Director, China

      Dr. Lin Wu

      Vice President

      Head of Development for the Roche Sequencing Solutions

      Gianluca Pettiti

      President of Thermo Fisher Scientific China

      Sun Hongye

      CEO and CTO

      WuXi NextCODE

      William Hu

      Managing Partner

      Qiming Venture Partners


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      • The most powerful global promotion platform. All of companies involved in precision medicine will witness your capacity!Explore the new business opportunity together!The organizer will introduce you to your potential partners from home and abroad.

      • Normal Ticket

        $ 2,080

      • Main conference

        Three sub-forum


        Coffee Break


      • VIP TICKET

        $ 2,280

      • Main conference

        Three sub-forum


        Coffee Break


        One to One Meeting

      • CEO Ticket

        $ 4,080


      • Main conference

        Three sub-forum


        Coffee Break




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      • Thermo Fisher Scientific China
      • Novoprotein BioTech
      • Scientific Alliances Eureka Therapeutics, Inc
      • China Medical City
      • Anpac Bio
      • Mayo Clinic China Referral Office & CEO of Hui Mei Healthcare
      • Genomicare
      • Novoprotein BioTech
      • Scientific Alliances Eureka Therapeutics, Inc
      • Lide BioTech
      • Roche Sequencing Solutions
      • BD Genomics Business Pre-Analytical Systems
      • Sangel Capital Management
      • Ping An Ventures
      • Legend Capital


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