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      About Congross

      Rapid and healthy development of gas turbine is an important direction of the 13th Five Year Plan. Several cases, like the rapid growth of electricity demand and environmental pressure, the old gas turbine services change and transformation, follow-up investment of large gas-fired combined cycle power generation and distributed energy projects under construction and soon, together are stimulating the development of the gas turbine industry. While the technology monopoly and operational maintenance control by gas turbine giants abroad has become the important obstacle of Chinese gas turbine industry.

      To this end, CDMC Events is pleased to announce the return of 5th China Gas Turbine Focus (GTF2018) from 26-27 April 2017 in Shanghai. It will be a sharing platform to forecast the current situation and trends of the gas turbine localization of China; to develop a healthy construction mode for China's gas turbine power plant; to prompt the upgrade, independent R&D and operations&maintenance of gas turbine. On behalf of the organizing committee, we sincerely invite you to attend GTF2018! We look forward to working with you hand in hand to a higher success!

      GTF 2018


      Speed Networking
      No matter how many years you’ve been in the gas turbine industry, chances are there are fresh faces and new colleagues you’re yet to meet in global gas turbinecommunity. This year, we’ve built speed networking activities into the conference to ensure that you make new connections and maximise your networking opportunities come armed with your business cards and a smile!

      Pre-Conference VIP Social
      25 April,7:00pm-8:30pm;A pre-conference cocktail reception will bearranged to thanks our VIP delegates and distinguished speakers from across the world. Hosted by our clients, we will invite our speaker faculty and VIP guests to unwind from travel and meetings to touch base over a drink before the conference kicks off.

      26 April, 6:00pm-8:00pm; The organizing committee will specially organize several media interview for the industry leaders and promosing enterprisesto maximize the attending experience andproduct exposure.
      *This VIP social is strictly by invitation only.

      Media Interview
      The organizing committee will specially organize several media interview for the industry leaders and promosing enterprisesto maximize the attending experience andproduct exposure.
      *Reserved for Sponsor


      The development of heavy equipment technologies is related to the innovation of a national’s future. As the pearl of national manufacturing and one of thestrategic emerging industries of China, gas turbine industry is an important symbol of the national high technology and technological prowess. Accompanied by the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the startup of the gas turbine and aero-derivate engine project, plenty of gas turbine pioneers and doers have dedicated in gas turbine localization and make outstanding contributions. The Gas Turbine Focus Awards Ceremony is all about the gas turbine pioneers and all for the Chinese dream. It’s a ceremony to celebrate the leadingenterprises in China and beyond. It’s also an appeal to encourage the new rising and promising companies.

        Awards for Power Plants and Project Owners:
      • GT Power Plant Outstanding Contribution Award
      • Most Promising GT Power Plant Award
      • Most Innovative GT Power Plant Award
      • Most Effective Power Plant Award
      • Most Innovative Distributed Energy Project Award
      • Annual Best Designing of Distributed Energy Project Award
        Awards for Technology Providers:
      • Annual GT Inlet Filter Technology Innovation Award
      • Annual Excellent Gas Turbine OEM
      • Excellent GT Blade Technology Innovation Award
      • Annual Excellent Enterprise of 3D Printing
      • Annual Outstanding Compressor Manufacturer
      • Alloy Manufacturing Technology Innovation Award
        Individual Awards:
      • Annual Gas Turbine Excellent Contribution Individual
      • Innovative Gas Turbine Technology Leadership Award
      • Gas Turbine Industry Leadership Award
        Awards for Service Providers:
      • Outstanding Distributed Energy Solution Award of the Year
      • Distributed Energy Solution Innovation Award of the Year
      • Outstanding GT Operational Maintenance Service Provider of the Year
      • Excellent Combustion Engine Third-party Service Award of the Year
      • Outstanding GT Complete Machine Solution Award of the Year
        Awards for Equipment Providers:
      • Outstanding GT Lubricating Solution Award of the Year
      • Best Gas Turbine Filter Supplier of the Year
      • Best Gas Turbine Core Components Supplier of the Year
      • Best GT Inlet Filtration System Solution Award of the Year
      • Best GT Simulation System Supplier of the Year

      *For more information about awards application and evaluation process please contact the organizing committee of GTF2018.




      海虹老人助力第四届FPSO & FLNG亚太决策者大会
      感谢Bumi Armada & 中海石油气电集团对本届大会的指导


      • Cummins Generator Technologies (China) Co., Ltd
      • EDF Investment
      • Flownex
      • FM Global
      • ICORP
      • M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd (Flownex)
      • Exxonmobil
      • PERA Global
      • ICIS
      • Baogang Group
      • Oillking Petroleum Technology & Development Co., Ltd
      • BTDGC
      • Beijing Energy-net De. Ltd.
      • Beijing Fuyuan Investment
      • School of Materials Science and Engineering
      • Beijing Jingfeng Gas Fired Power Co., Ltd.
      • Beijing Kiming Aero-Engine Power Science and Tech. Co., Ltd.
      • BOA Group
      • Chengdu Chengfa Science & Energy Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
      • Dalian Sanhuan Composite Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.
      • Northeast Dianli University
      • Donggang Elextric Co., Ltd.
      • Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd.
      • Dongguan Shenzhen Energy Zhangyang Power Co.,Ltd
      • Von Ardenne
      • Foshan Power Construction Corporation Company
      • Fujian Jinjiang National Gas Power Co., Ltd.
      • Guangdong Power Generational Co., Ltd.
      • Huizhou LNG
      • Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research
      • Institute Co., Ltd.
      • GuodianScience and Technology Research
      • Institute
      • CLET
      • Hangzhou Huadian
      • China HTP
      • North China Electric Power University
      • China Rsources Gas
      • JilinHaoYu Electric Co., Ltd.
      • JinTongLing
      • Jiangsu ShenTong
      • SUVAST
      • Beijing Energy
      • Morgan Thermal Ceramics
      • Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
      • NR Electric
      • Power Horizon Information Technology
      • Kistler
      • Tsinghua University
      • Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd.
      • Shanxi Blower(Group) Co., Ltd.
      • State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power
      • Company
      • Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group
      • Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute
      • Shanghai Fanzhi Energy Equip. Co., Ltd.
      • Shanghai Aerospace Energy
      • Shanghai Jiaotong University
      • Shenzhen Shennan Power Gas Turbine
      • Engineering Tech. Co., Ltd.
      • Shenzhen Nanshan Power Co. Ltd.
      • Shenyang Blower Group Co., LTD
      • Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Group Corporation Ltd.
      • CISRI
      • GE China
      • Weihai Creditfan Ventilator Co., Ltd.
      • Wolong Electric Nanyang Explosion Protection
      • Group Co., Ltd.
      • School of Mechanical Engineering
      • SIEMENS
      • China Datang Corporation
      • Huzhou City Economic and Information
      • Commission
      • China Association for the Promotion of Industrial
      • Development
      • CDEC
      • AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials
      • China Aviation Planning and Design Rinstitute(Group) Co., Ltd.
      • CAS
      • CNPC
      • CNOOC Fujian Gas Power Co., Ltd.
      • AVIC Power Science & Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.
      • Aviation Industry Corporation of China
      • Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine (Group) Co., Ltd.
      • China Aviation Gas Turbine Co., Ltd.
      • AVIC Excellence Forging (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
      • Penny’s Bay Power Stations, CLP Group
      • CLP Power Control Sub-Station (Hong Kong)China
      • CAS Hefei Micro Gas Turbine Research Institute Co., Ltd.
      • CNPC
      • Academy of Aerospace Propulsion Technology
      • Advanced Graphite Materials
      • Xinxiang Shengda Filtration Technique Co., Ltd.


      A very well organized conference! Excellent presenters with strong attendance by various technical experts and decision maker of the gas turbine industry. Some new faces among the conference participants would be welcome next year. Thanks again to CDMC and everybody else evolved in organizing this great event
      Thanks for organizing China Gas Turbine Focus with informative keynote speeches and discussion and we’ve learned much from it. We’re lookingforward to the next event and hope to meet more experts in gas turbine industry to promote the industrial development in the future!
      Guangdong Yuedian Group Co.,Ltd.
      Very well organized conference! Excellent presenters and a handed by various technical experts and decision makers of China's gas turbine industry! It will greatly fuel the domestic gas turbine developments. Thanks very much for organizing this great event.
      I have been to many conference on gas turbine and other topics.I can honestly say that this is the first one that has had a l l presenters bring true experts delivering interesting presentations from all,of which I learned much.We will come back.

      Previous Review


      XU Xiaodong


      China Gas Association Distributed Energy Committee

      FENG Jianghua

      General Manager

      Beijing Energy-Net De. Ltd.

      CHEN Xuewen

      General Manager

      Shanghai Electric Gas Turbine Co., Ltd.

      LIU Xinggui

      General Manager of Gas Turbine Business Unit

      Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited

      HAN Xiaoping

      Chief Information Officer


      CHEN Xuewen


      Shanghai Electric Gas Turbine Co., Ltd.

      LIU Zhitan


      Gas Turbine Research Center, Guodian Science and Technology Research Institute

      YAN Fuhua

      Technical Director of Power Generation Business Unit

      GE (China) Limited

      Simon XU

      Regional Director

      Greater China, MTU Aero Engine Group

      YUNG Cheuk Kit

      O&M Shift Engineer I

      Black Point / Penny's Bay Power Stations, CLP Group

      YAO Qingwen

      Deputy Chief

      Engineer Harbin Turbine Company Limited


      HoizumiDeputy General Manager

      Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems

      LU Bingheng

      Professor & Academian

      School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong Univeristy & Chinese Academy of Sciences

      ZHANG Jian

      Deputy Director & Director of Superalloys Division

      Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

      CHEN Pei

      Product Leader

      GE Power Generation Digital Solution China

      JIANG Dongxiang

      Deputy Director

      Gas Turbine Research Center of Tsinghua University

      GUO Hongbo

      Professor, Vice President

      Materials Science & Engineering School, Beihang University

      YU Lifan

      Director of Engineering

      Hangzhou Huadian Xiasha Thermal Electricity Co., Ltd.

      GUO Gang

      Gas Turbine Expert

      Petro-China West to East Gas Pipeline Company

      HOU Xiaolong

      Deputy General Manager

      Beijing Jingfeng Gas Fired Power Co., Ltd.



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